Welcome to our website and webshop.

To make an order in our web-shop or see prices for our products, log in and register as a customer. You can always delete yourself again if you do not want to be a customer here anymore. However, according to Forever's internal rules, our prices must always be behind a login in order for them to appear online, so hope it is ok with you.

  We look forward to providing you with a really good service.

Should you be missing a product in our shop, or think this is a "teasing" page then contact us for personalized service, we  would love to help.

Normally it is me, Lis Bagger, who serves our customers.

I am a trained nurse and have been working with Forever since 2004, so I have a lot of experience with the concept. You can reach me on the phone almost always. And at our store, you can buy Forever products when we are at home, which is almost always.

 I love providing great service to my clients and i have a lot of good advice and small tips. So you choose whether you want the close contact with lots of advice and guidance or you just want to use the web-shop without further contact.

You also have the opportunity to receive a monthly newsletter by mail or you can find our facebook group for customers with lots of good tips on the products. (request my friendship and write you would like to join our group.)

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